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Saturday, January 9, 2010 |

At a certain period to send the search engine spider robots to check your blog's content, the robot spider will examine the latest messages content and send some data about your latest posting content to the database search engine, in this case, of course, only the data of the content that you post in accordance with the keyword meta tag that is placed on your blog.

Robot search engine spiders will find and send a lot of the same data coming from other blogs, remember there are million blogs on the internet. There are certain techniques to make your post content is not too much to compete with other blogs that make unique and new data in the database search engine.

Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with a fresh and unique content posts are way more easy and useful to improve your blog PR (PageRank). More fresh and unique content of your blog posts will increase the PR (PageRank) more quickly, because it's easier for people to find your blog.

Fresh and deliver unique content has always played an important role in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Internet users surf the net daily to find the latest information about their interests. Search engines understand this and therefore place a heavy burden on the contents fresh. Blogs are updated on a regular basis also encourage the search engine robot spiders to visit often.

For example, a web page that has content that is updated every day will find that the search engines and crawling traffic on the page more often than other pages are less active. This clearly explains why the blog is often visited by the robot spiders compared to other web pages.

RSS feeds are probably the easiest way to get new content for your blog. This feed can be found by searching for RSS feeds on search engines. Syndicate and Feedster are some of the most popular directory of available feeds on the net. All you need is an RSS parser that can convert these feeds real-time content to your site and you will have a direct daily content!

RSS parser commonly used by many webmasters is the Magpie Parser; powerful open source PHP parser allows the coder to change the feed for each relevant content pages. RSS feeds are a great way to create fresh content when we do not have time to write.

Many other ways to have fresh content on the blog re your article. Directory of many available out there that allows webmasters to reprint their articles. To reprint articles that involve very little effort and often allow search engines to index new content for your blog.

In fact, many article directories to limit the number of times an article can be reprinted on your blog. However, this is one method that is easier to have fresh content.

All the methods mentioned above is great in creating fresh content, but also should be noted that creating unique content your site is another issue worth considering. The only way to create unique content is to write them yourself or ask someone else to write for you. This blog is very useful when it comes to adding new unique content.

Another method to obtain unique content is to create a dialogue group for your members. This is a very low operation if you have many supporters and active members willing to do.

In the eyes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content that is unique and new is very important. In order to display the latest information on your blog to visitors through search engines, update your blog regularly is a must so that the spider and the index will visit more often.

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