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Monday, May 9, 2011 |

Being a pilot is not easy. Pilot requires focus, a very high level of awareness, intelligence, attention, courage, determination, healthy, and of course much money for the cost of learning.

The pilot must understand about many things, ranging from physics flight, navigation, weather, aircraft engines, aircraft type, flight rules, etc. Besides the skills to make a decision very well at a critical time, as well as necessary levels of good health. Therefore, many pilots began training since a very early age, some pilots actually began a dozen years of age.

Today, become a pilot was much easier and cheaper because the computer allows us to train a large and expensive aircraft to fly through software that can be installed at home. The software called flight simulator. One of the best software of flight simulation is Microsoft flight simulator x or fsx.

With this software, we can learn and know the technology from the existing tools function on the plane until we can ride well as aircraft pilots in the real world. Starting from the take off, landing and even Flight Simulator can be auto pilot. Auto pilot is a technology that can drive their own aircraft, the technology named CDU (Control Display Unit), but the CDU technology found only in large commercial aircraft like Boeing 737, Boeing 747 and Airbus. Technology in this software is the same as the original aircraft.

Simply, this simulator allows to learn basic procedures such as using the controls in the cockpit and navigation before they enter the actual aircraft. This PC-based simulators can not fully replace the functions of these sophisticated aircraft simulators. However due to very low prices, this simulator is very interesting as a tool in the classroom. If you have a hobby of flying as a pilot in his spare time, flight simulator can also be installed at home to gain your skills.

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