Would Google Adsense Ever Ban You?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 |

Adsense publishing is such a lucrative business for so many webmasters. It is a business with a simple strategical approach; you make money as people click on the ads on your site. It sounds simple; no wonder adsense publishing is virtually the very first business that anybody who comes online will want to try.

Every business has secrets and adsense publishing is not an exception. People get banned often due to mistakes and some other causes they can’t identify. If you are already a publisher or you want to become one, don’t forget that there are “adsense TOS watch dogs” waiting to get you on their net. And once that is done, you are forced to bid goodbye to all your efforts.

Here Are Concise Tips To Avoid Being Banned By Google

• Google’s Adsense Terms of Use will stand as your judge when you are caught doing it wrong, therefore you must frequently read, understand and follow these terms and conditions.

• Make sure that your site has a Privacy Policy Page. It confirms that you are the owner of the site.

• Never click on your ads for any reason and don’t send anybody to do so for you. The use of click bots and other click generation software is also prohibited.

• Do not urge your site visitors to click on your ads, either through persuasive means, forceful means or through compensational means.

• Desist from using sites with licesnsed contents or those with contents related to porn, XXX, weapons, illegal, gambling, casino, hacking, tobacco, etc, for adsense publishing.

• Use sites with unique and high quality contents for your adsense business. This is what the search giant wants.

• Do not use auto-surf programs to get traffic or to increase your CTR.

• Update your site frequently and get rid of broken links. These are cases that can escalate with time.

• Google is against people who keep their ads in pop-ups, pop-downs, e-mail messages, etc.

• Do not make your ads invisible for any reason.

• Targeting high paying keywords with a lot of websites registered under your account can get you banned.

• Indulging in questionable traffic generation means, like spamming, etc, are serious offences.

• Finish your site first before applying for adsense. Using sites with status as “under-construction” is of no use. You will get banned immediately.

• Though people might not consider this, but you are not supposed to publicize your adsense earnings for any reason.

• Any adsense publisher must be 18 years of age or above.

There have been a lot of talks and discussions in forums and social sites about people who got banned in adsense business without any visible cause. Google made it very clear that the adsense TOS can be changed or updataed any time without prior notice to publishers.

Hence any adsense publisher must form the habit of confronting these terms periodically, in order to stay updated and to stay away from the adsense judgment ‘hammer’.

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