iPad 2 Will Launched March ?

Monday, June 20, 2011 |

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple mentioned would launch a second generation tablet iPad or over is often called the iPad 2 in March 2011. A trusted source who told Reuters on Wednesday (02/23/2011), said that the launch will probably be done in a special event that had been prepared Apple.

As usual, Apple did not confirm or deny the news. However, the information that Apple will release iPad 2 in March came after speculation that the product would be delayed until June as CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, who always appeared on stage to introduce new products Apple is still sick.

'Apple has a track record of consistent,' said Daniel Ernst, analyst with Hudson Square Research. iPad 2 possibilities was launched in the same season as when iPad is launched for the first time, namely in April last year.

Previously, stock brokerage firms in Taiwan, Yuanta, the blog All Things Digital, Tuesday, stating that the launch of the iPad 2 could be a retreat for a number of reasons. In addition to Steve Jobs about health, other reasons related to design changes Apple made yesterday ahead of the Lunar New Year so that companies that make it must repeat the assembly process. The news circulated that could make Apple's stock fell 3 percent.

iPad 2 based on information from sources at the companies that supply components is said to be equipped with front and rear camera. The size is the same as the iPad the first generation, but much thinner and lighter. The screen is also referred to would have a higher resolution. KOMPAS.com

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