ESET Trial Stopper 4ever 4.30A

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 |

ESET Trial Stopper 4ever 4.30A | 750 Kb

Here come another popular AV trial reset for all users.

ESET4 Box4EVER 4.30A

This crack is for ESET Smart Security 4 and NOD32 Antivirus 4. It works with version 3 also. It completely stops the trial period from ever counting down.
ESET will stay at 31 days always without having to restart your computer. You will have FULL "Self-defense" always. It also converts a Retail to a Trial version. It was tested using version 4.0.314 on WinXP (x86/x64) & Vista (x86/x64).

1. Install ESET. (If already installed, then skip to step 2.)

2. To Disable (or Enable) the Self-defense, open ESET, press keyboard , select , UNCHECK (or CHECK) the , , and and Restart the computer.

3. Execute the program and follow the simple on screen instructions to [Lock] the trial period (This program doesn't install anything on to your computer.)

3. Make sure that you [Unlock] ESET before uninstalling it.

NOTE 1: The current virus signature version will not be displayed in the tray icon. It will display again only after you have unlocked ESET and restart the computer. To see the current signature version, open ESS/NOD32. To restore ESET version in the tray icon, just [Unlock] ESET and RESTART PC.

NOTE 2: Problem updating ESET has nothing to do with this program.

This TR is good for the people who lazy or having problem or don't how to find username & password. Let's stop the problem, headache & time to use it forever.


Choosing AV software purpose is for your system security. Do some research before choose. Don't too protect your favorite brand but to protect your system. Choose wisely.

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