Facebook launched E-mail in San Francisco

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 |

London- Social networking sites facebook are likely to launch its email service. Unlike usually up this new service will reportedly be launched at Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, United States rather than at the places facebook in Palo Alto.

According to social media news blog Mashable, launch email service is not independent of the difficulty of managing and setting up system message at this time. The account owner have difficulty sending a message to those who had not joined in the facebook, the system is also very simple that she could not forward mail (forwarding) or attach files (attachments).

"When up this beat Google, then they should change the system into an e-mail message. Possible Monday we'll see it," writes Mashable.

Faceebook email this project reportedly began in February. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is calling it the first time. Internally, the project was called Project Titan or "Gmail killer".

Previously, according to techcrunch.com sites, e-mail service at up to be launched today, Monday (15/11). The owners will get a facebook account email address personal@facebook.com. "And the email service will be launched on Monday, there are a lot of potential in the services," said author techcrucnh, Jason Kincaid.

Email up this will integrate with the page the user. They will instantly connect with friends just like the Facebook site. If it will be launched tomorrow, then the email will direct meyalip facebook giants email service owner. Among others who have 361 million Hotmail users, Yahoomail which has 273 million users and Gmail have 193 million users.

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