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Wednesday, June 22, 2011 |

Nokia N9Nokia recently introduced the N9 at Nokia Connection 2011 event. Here it is Nokia's first smartphone with MeeGo operating system. What are these about? Intrigued, we did not waste the chance to try it. In first saw, the impression that seen in this phone is a 'box'. Even Marco Ahtisaari, Nokia's Senior Vice President of Design who presented the handset is agreed.

'If you look at the designs, it may seem rigid to form a perfect box. But that's not true because the N9 has an elegant curve at the edges,' said Marco. True enough, although the box, a form of this phone still looks elegant. Also looks fashionable with a wide selection of bright colors. The entire body is a touch screen. No wonder if Nokia dubbed all smartphone screen.

There are different with a touch-screen smartphone Nokia on this one, is the use of the touch screen by swiping finger on the screen has been more widely applied. That's because Meego-based smartphone presents three new HomeView display. That is the main menu, notifications - for email, SMS, incoming and outgoing - and featuring multitasking features or applications that are being opened.

So when will switch from one display to another HomeView, only a finger sweep to the left and right. Easy is not it?

Made from polycarbonate, Nokia N9 claimed to have better performance in signal reception and clearer sound quality. 8 megapixel camera is also quite satisfactory. When tried, the picture looks clear and the video recording had already qualified high definiton.

To support the activities of surfing, N9 is equipped with a Nokia browser that has been developed further so more quickly. But for about surfing speed is dependent on network service is used.

Finally the most interesting, in the N9 embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It can be used to transfer a variety of content making it easier and faster. For example when you want to transfer photos, simply paste the N9 to other mobile phones - phones that accept the need to support NFC anyway - then the image was immediately sent to the mobile phone. The same can also be done to transfer other content such as video, telephone number, and even can be also used as a means of payment.

Here are some other specs of Nokia N9:

Display: 3.9 inch WVGA (854x480) AMOLED technology gorilla glass
OS: 1.2 MeeGo Harmattan
Dimensions: 116.45 mm x 7.6-12.1mm
Weight: 135 grams
Battery: 1450 mAh

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