Knowing Your Files to Tackle Malware and Spyware

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 |

In this modern time, it is very easy to smuggle virus and other unwanted programs to your computer. This is mainly done by the usage of internet. In order to be able to identify the possible threats for your PC, you might want to well know your files before you want to execute the files. There are many tutorials and information that you can find on the internet to educate you about those file extensions so that you will be able to determine whether a file is executable and will harm your computer or not. One of the most need-to-be-aware of is exe files. EXE files are files which stands for Executable files, commonly function to run an application. But in some cases, EXE files can also get you in to trouble.

Most of the time, EXE files contain executable command which allow the file to run an application. If you are aware of the EXE files you are opening, then it might save for you to open it and run it in your computer. One thing that can be harmful is when you open an EXE files which you don’t know what it is about. You might be well suspected for malware, spyware, and other unwanted application, and you don’t want this to happen. Same like EXE files, dll files are potential enough to get you in to trouble when you don’t know the origin of the files.

Most of the times, people receive spam in their emails. That spam usually contains unknown EXE or DLL files disguised as promotion apps or other spam mail feature. One thing that you might one to do is to get rid of the email and not execute the file. It might happen that the EXE and DLL files that you open don’t show any damage as you open it. But it might retrieve your information in under cover that you might don’t know the bad side of the files. You can get further tips to secure your computer from other harmful files online.

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