Not Every Blog Tip Is Right For You – Find the Tips That Work

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 |

There are loads of blogs about blogging. Some of them push all the same points as each other. Some try to be different and post tips that are not as obvious.

Almost all of them should come with a disclaimer: Not every blog tip is right for every blogger. Perhaps this goes without saying – but is it always presented like that?

You Can’t Use Every Blog Tip

I’m one of those people who probably reads too much advice and tries to take all of it on board. Some of it conflicts:

  • Some people say you should only post great content.

  • Some people say you should stick to a consistent posting schedule.

  • Some people say you should post as much as possible.

  • Some people say you should write daily. Some say more, some say less.

  • Some people say it doesn’t matter.

Is it possible to do all of those? To write great content, every day, at the same time, for a sustained period of time? I think you’ll find that most people burn out after a few weeks – maybe a few months. And even if you can keep up the momentum for longer than anyone else, you’re still not following all of the tips I listed above.

You can’t write once per day, twice per day, and three times per week, all on the same blog. So you’ll be going against the advice of somebody, no matter what you do.

How Can Blog Tips Help You?

I can see how this might put people off the idea of reading blog tips altogether – but some tips may be useful for you. The most important thing is to try the tips for yourself, and find ways to measure how successful they are. For instance:

  • Is it too much work to write 3 posts per day? Would it overwhelm your readers?

  • Will your blog be ignored if you only post once per week?

  • Are you ever able to guarantee the quality of your posts, especially when you’re starting out?

  • Do you work best on a strict schedule, or on an “anything goes” approach?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone in your quest to build a decent blog. But it takes time. Hopefully, with the content here at Quick Blog Tips, I can be of some help.

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