Reccession in apple sales

Sunday, June 12, 2011 |

Mac sales 20 per cent down
Mac computers are selling at a 20 per cent lower rate than in late 2008

20 per cent drop in Mac sales suggest people putting shiny new toys on hold

There's been a lot of talk about Apple possibly being immune from the worldwide economic downturn, particularly after they announced their best-ever quarterly profit at the end of January.

A new study by analyst firm Piper Jaffray says that there’s more to their profits than meets the eye, explaining that Mac computers are selling at a 20 per cent lower rate than in late 2008.

It's not that Apple is doing that badly, as the company is still selling an average of 28 Mac computers, 22 iPhones and 50 iPods a day through each of its US retail stores. But if we compare those numbers to November 2008, we find that Apple sold 36 Mac computers per day and 28 iPhones.

This seems to indicate that potential buyers are putting that shiny new MacBook on hold or possibly going with a cheaper, Windows-based alternative. Something that Microsoft is shamelessly trying to push with its latest ads, showing how you just don't get enough for your money with Macs.

Even though Apple just announced record first quarter profits, this development will surely raise a few eyebrows in the boardroom. Still, we think Steve and the boys will have no trouble weathering the storm, as Apple currently has more than 20 billion dollars in the bank for those hard times to come.

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